What is COSD? As of January 2013, it replaced the previous National Cancer Dataset as the new national standard for reporting cancer in the NHS. Whilst AES’ PathoSys® system does include full COSD data reporting, we also offer a contract free, pay-as-you-go COSD reporting application. This standalone system is fully PHE compliant, and offers a simple and cost-effective service for rapid results. AES Group are passionate about improving healthcare through digital solutions, if you’d like to learn more about our current systems, or even have some ideas about how we could help you with a new solution, we’d love to hear from you!

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AES utilise the latest security and cryptographic protocols to protect data transmission, authenticate the end server and ensure that the data submitted is delivered. This is built into our COSD application.

We have designed the COSD application to work within your browser on your computer. This means that all work done (data included) within the COSD application never leaves the computer, until submitted to PHE. This means that the COSD application is compliant with the majority of trust security policies.

The COSD application is designed with flexibility in mind. Reports can be submitted one at a time or saved up and sent all at once. These reports are automatically checked for validity and submitted to PHE.

Using the COSD application is free and report submissions are costed based on a number of credits required per report. Credits can be bought directly from the COSD website and will never expire.

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