Integrated Haematological Malignancy Reporting

Developed by AES Medical using the same principles and methodologies as the PathoSys® system, HaemoSys® provides haematology reporting and data management across distributed centres and locations for Haematological Malignancy.

Fully customisable software for your lab, providing flexible reporting of tests and automatic staging to the latest standards.

Key benefits

  • Provides virtual integration of networked laboratories – support multiple sites with their own integration, access and role permissions and the ability to refer work between sites.
  • Secure thin client systems accessible at remote sites with no client installation.
  • Haematological malignancy integrated reporting – flexible reporting combining tests from multiple sources to produce a single comprehensive report.
  • Optional standardised Histology lymphoma reporting provides patient linkage.
  • Laboratory system integration – removes the need for double entry of demographic and report data whilst providing report distribution.
  • Clinical Pathway algorithms for clinical management/test requesting.
  • Unique identification of cases and standardised requesting.
  • Sample tracking with turnaround monitoring using flexible worklists and traffic light indicators.
  • Easy to use rapid real time search and audit.
  • Meets and exceeds IM & T security guidelines and standards with comprehensive audit trails and system management.
  • COSD V7.0 and COSD V8.0

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