Lab Tracking

Tracking software

We provide web-based solutions that provide access to sample information from any location. The solution provides the ability to rapidly locate, store and verify the validity of samples. We provide software that can handle high throughput with error-reducing capabilities by digitally controlling access therefore ensuring sample accuracy, identifying location of sample before retrieval and tracking sample dates.

Lab Tracking
Tracking reports and samples across labs is an important step in managing labs. Our software provides increased visibility of reports, higher throughput of reports and saves time and money.

Key Benefits

  • Convenience and efficiency – Peace of mind with secure HL7 message exchange with third party clinical systems.
  • Increase your profits by reducing turnaround time. Move from sample to report to billing faster than ever!
  • Your lab saves time, increases cash flow, and reduces manual data entry errors.
  • Customisable user interface and forms.
  • Ability to record and store any and all information required.
  • Peace of mind with HIPAA-compliant, secure HL7 exchange.
  • COSD V7.0 and COSD V8.0

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