AES are proud to support one of their employees serving as a Territorial Army Soldier with the Royal Wessex Yeomanry. All Technical Service Engineers serving with AES have previous Regular Army Service as Engineering Artificers or Artisans. One of them continues to serve on a Part Time basis as a Warrant Officer with A (Dorset Yeomanry) Armour Replacement Squadron.

Unique within the TA, the Squadron is acknowledged as being the British Army’s experts with regard to the delivery of replacement crewmen and Armoured Fighting Vehicles including Challenger 2 Main Battle Tanks, AS90 Self Propelled Guns, Warrior, CVR(T) and Panther. In addition, the Regiment has consistently provided Volunteer Reservists for operational service in both Iraq and Afghanistan in support of their Regular Army colleagues.

AES are fully supportive in allowing their staff to meet their TA training commitments (primarily weekends and Wednesday evenings along with a 15 day Annual camp). This training is mutually beneficial, assisting AES engineers in maintaining currency with regard to British Army Armoured Fighting Vehicle operation, policies and doctrine.

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Image: Warrior FV510 crewed by A (Dorset Yeomanry) Armour Replacement Squadron taking part in an Armoured Fighting Vehicle demonstration at Bovington.