All AES healthcare solutions are COSD compliant. Trusts that currently use any AES healthcare solutions will be able to send COSD data at no additional cost or time required to implement a separate COSD solution. This demonstrates our ongoing commitment to assist our customers to achieve continuing benefits from their investments in AES healthcare solutions.

What is COSD?

The Cancer Outcomes and Services Dataset (COSD) is a compiled dataset which provides the standard for secondary uses information required to support the implementation and monitoring of Improving Outcomes: a Strategy for Cancer (IOSC).

This standard consists of:

  • A set of individual data items, with their definitions.
  • The assemblage of these data items into collection areas.
  • The means of flowing the data items.
  • Compilation of the data items into a single reconciled and verified dataset.

The COSD has replaced the former National Cancer Dataset (NCDS) and the former Cancer Registration Dataset.

All patients diagnosed with or receiving cancer treatment in or funded by the NHS in England are covered by the standard.

Providers of cancer services are required to provide a monthly return on all cancer patients diagnosed using this dataset.

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