AES Medical has begun working with one of our main clients to provide a direct export of cancer data to the Trent and North Yorkshire (NYCRIS) Cancer Registries.

How it will work:

Using an exact export criteria, the data is extracted from the PathoSys database and will be sent directly to the Cancer Registries, doing away with the need for the Trusts to manually search and send information and for the Registries to trawl through large numbers of text reports.

Project expectations:

We hope this project will provide AES Medical with the chance to demonstrate the unique advantages available to cancer registries when receiving data from pathology laboratories that have PathoSys® installed:

  • Structured data export, which removes the requirement for manual interpretation of pathology reports or inaccurate text analysis technology.
  • All data fields that make up the Royal College of Pathologists datasets can be selected by the user and then exported in a format and order specified by the user.
  • Potentially costly interfacing to the laboratory system, which often delivers limited data in differing formats, is no longer required.
  • As PathoSys® is laboratory system independent regular exports in a single format defined by the cancer registry can be sent from multiple laboratories with differing laboratory systems.
  • Upgrading and replacing of the laboratory system will not interrupt the regular flow of data to the cancer registry.
  • We are planning in addition to exhibiting PathoSys® to present this project the UKACR in October with the two Cancer Registries.