According to Col Mike Bowman, the Integrated Project Team Leader, Tank Systems Support, the AES Machine Care Plus® service provides the British Army with an impressive package of benefits and represents an excellent return on investment.

“We use the condition based asset management service from AES in support of our Challenger 2 and CRARRV* powerpacks and over a period of 30 months we have achieved a cost saving to spend ratio of 2:1. The ratio is artificially low due to initial start-up costs but is predicted to rise to 5:1 over the coming years as initial start-up costs are spread over a longer term”.

“we have achieved a cost saving to spend ratio of 2:1”.

“The use of Machine Care Plus® has also brought significant operational benefits to the user. Because the condition of the powerpack can be determined in advance of catastrophic failure the user can make an informed decision as to when to change the assembly in an operational setting thus increasing availability. The powerpack can also be changed more quickly because the user can carry out that change under optimum conditions”.

“The current programme is working extremely well, is consistent with British Army Reliability Centred Maintenance strategy and is delivering real benefits, both financial and operational”.

* Challenger Armoured Repair and Recovery Vehicle