Leading international big data and artificial intelligence specialist AES Group has extended its teams to cater for business growth.

Seven new staff members have joined the company, working from the group’s headquarters in Derby, within the software development and support teams.

Lead by Dr Mitch Grigoriu, a renowned academic and pioneer in the field of artificial intelligence, AES Group operates within multi-billion pound sectors, including healthcare and defence.

As well as Derby, the company has offices in Twyford and Alberta in Canada, offering unique products and technologies on a worldwide platform that help give answers to the many questions big data brings to society.

AES Group’s work includes combining the analysis of big data with the application of proven artificial intelligence techniques, to deliver solutions that go well beyond typical data analytics.

This includes the AES Method, which uses innovative technologies developed in-house to process and analyse data, and then apply a complex set of algorithms that emulate the workings of the human brain to interpret the findings, before recommending correct lines of action to take.

Based on its time-proven and trusted record, AES Group can roll out products and technologies to many applications, including condition-based monitoring, where valuable machinery and equipment can be managed, helping to extend its lifespan and save on maintenance costs.

These attributes make the solution attractive to sectors including the quarrying, shipping, rail and automotive industries.

AES Group’s ongoing growth comes as the issue of big data and artificial intelligence gain wide-ranging media coverage on how they can work in the future.

Dr Grigoriu was a pioneer of artificial intelligence in the 1980s at the University of Nottingham. He said: “We have an extensive track record in demanding sectors, and this history and on the ground experience means AES measures up to its claims to be about more than artificial intelligence.

“We are proud of our results achieved to date, and will continue to build on this success and deliver products and technologies to ensure big data reaches its full potential.

“Our new recruits reflect the growing opportunities benefitting our business in today’s digital society and we are delighted to have them on board.”