PathoSys® users Cancer Peer Review reports are highlighting PathoSys® as good practice due to its ability to electronically collect MDS information for search and audit.

This capability allows sites with PathoSys® to meet Cancer Standard 3D-104 and 3D-105 as laid out in the NHS Manual for Cancer Services 20041.

Peer Review National Report2

Between 2004 and 2007,163 pathology services were checked against 7 measures (standards shown below). The results of this are summarised in the National Cancer Peer Review Programme National Report. The National Report and Individual Peer Review reports are available to view online at CQuINS – The Cancer Quality Improvement Network System website.

Cancer Standards for Pathology

The cancer standards for Pathology are as follows:

  • 3D-101 – CPA accreditation at least conditional level for all declared laboratories
  • 3D-102 – Agreed policy for referral of specimens for a pathology review outside the service
  • 3D-103 – Provision of MDT pathologist core members, for each MDT declared as part of the service
  • 3D-104 – Reports for national minimum dataset should include required items
  • 3D-105 – Electronic collection of national minimum dataset items
  • 3D-106 – PSA protocol for the test methodology
  • 3D-107 – National External QA Scheme for PSA testing

Enabling Compliance

PathoSys® enables compliance with Cancer Standard 3D-104 and our users are among the 15% (24 services) of Peer Reviewed sites that also meet pathology standard 3D-105 Electronic Collection of National Minimum Dataset items2.


1. NHS Manual for Cancer Services 2004. Department of Health.

2. National Report, National Cancer Peer Review Programme 2004-2007. National Cancer Action Team June 2008.