AES Medical has begun development of the enhanced optional imaing add-on for PathoSys®. This adds image editing and reporting to the functionality provided by the standard PathoSys® imaging add-on already available.

While histological diagnosis may be influenced by various data, it is ultimately based upon the appearance of the specimens being examined macroscopically and microscopically.

With the new add-on this information can be communicated from cancer pathology reports created by the PathoSys® system.


  • Creation of new images.
  • Editing of macro (taken at cut up) & micro images (captured from scanning of slides & microscopes).
  • Textual annotation of images.
  • Insertion of images into pathology reports*.
    *where this is supported by the host Laboratory Information System (LIMS)

Imaging add-on advantages

  • Immediate availability of macro and micro images related to the case under examination.
  • Image files available to all pathologists and PathoSys® users.
  • The images provide a visual addition to the standard descriptions.
  • MDT meetings are supported by the ability to print a report containing the images associated with the pathology report.

Existing customers and any parties interesting in PathoSys® or anatomical pathology imaging are invited to contact AES Medical for more information.