AES Medical are pleased to announce that following a recent purchase of their pathology reporting system PathoSys®. iSoft in conjunction with AES Medical is developing the Telepath interface. This will enable AES Medical to provide Telepath users with Cancer Dataset Reporting and Information Management that meets the standards set by the Royal College of Pathologists and NHS Cancer Standards.

About iLab TP (TelePath)

i.Laboratory TP (formerly TelePath) is a comprehensive single solution product for laboratories currently installed in approximately 100 hospital sites throughout the UK and Ireland.

A Significant Development

This exciting new development follows on from previous iSoft interfaces and it means that AES Medical provides cancer miniumum dataset reporting for all iSoft LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System) products (past, present and into the future) this together with our other interfaces means that over 54% of the UK LIMS market can now be interfaced to PathoSys®. The PathoSys® system provides the pathology lab with state of the art reporting, searching, export and audit capability, whilst enabling Cancer Services for the first time to comply with all CPA and Peer Review targets in this area.

To Find Out More …

More information can be provided by the AES Medical team via the online contact form.