The first Live cases have been entered into PathoSys® 4, the new clinical decision support system for histopathology. The system has been designed and built to cater for the modern-day pressures facing the NHS to assist them to record information quicker and more efficiently thereby helping reduce turnaround time.

PathoSys® 4 is now available to access on any web browser, putting the user firmly in charge of their own working practices and provides opportunities for working from home, hot-desking and real-time collaboration during MDT meetings. Switching to a web-based application has also allowed for further configuration, so we are able to create a bespoke system that meets the needs and demands of your pathology service.

Incorporating the latest Royal College of Pathologists datasets, the system provides standardised reporting and structured data capture, facilitating rapid real-time audit and the export of data to authorised third parties. Many of our Trusts are using PathoSys® 4 as their main COSD solution, the system is capable of exporting their COSD data at no additional time or cost required.