The PathoSys® imaging add-on is now available. The add-on allows high-quality images in JPG, GIF TIFF, or BMP format to be easily associated with pathology reports for presentation to colleagues, surgeons or Multi-Disciplinary Team (MDT) meetings.

While histological diagnosis may be influenced by various data, it is ultimately based upon the appearance of the specimens being examined macroscopically and microscopically. This information can now be associated with pathology reports in the PathoSys® system. 

The imaging module provides the following main features:

  • Association of imaging with PathoSys® pathology reports.
  • View, zoom and export images.
  • Printing of images as a report to both local and network printers.

Advantages of the Imaging add-on

  • Immediate availability of macro and micro images related to the case under examination.
  • Image files available to all pathologists and PathoSys® users.
  • The images provide a visual addition to the standard descriptions.
  • MDT meetings are supported by the ability to print a report containing the images associated with the pathology report.

PathoSys® users will have the option to upgrade the imaging add-on to an enhanced version offering image creation, editing and manipulation. In addition PathoSys® will allow the insertion of images into pathology reports where this is supported by the host Laboratory Information System (LIMS) .