As part of its ongoing program of continuous development, improvement and future proofing AES Medical has tested PathoSys® with Microsoft Windows Server 2008 Beta 3 (codenamed “Longhorn”).

New features for PathoSys® Users

Current indications are that Windows Server 2008, when released, will allow AES Medical to provide several new improvements to the user experience of PathoSys. These will include:

  • A terminal services environment that allows users to run PathoSys® as a remote application in a similar manner to a Citrix deployed application that appears to run on the local desktop.
  • Users can run programs such as PathoSys® from a remote location side-by-side with their local programs.
  • Improved printing which redirects the printer output to the local client and removes the need for drivers to be installed on the server system.
  • Built in server virtualisation allowing virtualisation of multiple operating systems.
  • Terminal Services Web Access permits flexibility of remote application access via Web browsers similar to a published Citrix application.

Microsoft, AES Medical & our improvement programme.

AES Medical is a Microsoft Partner and has also signed up to the Common User Interface (CUI) programme.This is a partnership initiative between Microsoft and NHS Connecting for Health.The project has two main objectives:

  • Helping the NHS to get the most out of its investment in information technology
  • Helping to improve patient safety by creating a common look and feel for NHS systems.