The West Midlands Cancer Intelligence Unit coordinated the United Kingdom Association of Cancer Registries (UKACR) 2007 Annual Conference entitled:”Working Together To Meet Cancer Intelligence Needs”

About the Conference

Held on the 30th and 31st of October the conference venue was the International Convention Centre (ICC), Birmingham. This years conference was well attended with around 200 delegates and invited speakers including Professor Mike Richards, Mrs Julietta Patnick, Chris Carrigan and Dr Rashmi Shukla.

The role of AES Medical

AES Medical has installations of the PathoSys® cancer reporting and information management system in the UK covering approximately 4.2 million inhabitants. PathoSys® provides fast and accurate export of comprehensive pathology cancer data.

In practice this results in a reduced workload for the laboratory exporting the data and increased reliability, quality and accuracy for the recipient (Cancer Registry).

AES Medical works together wherever possible with the cancer registries of our customers and potential customers to facilitate these benefits, both to our customers and the registries.

For further information on PathoSys® and its benefits to laboratories/cancer registries please contact us either by telephone +44 (0) 1332 383 521 or via the website contact form.