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AES Donates to Macmillan Cancer Relief

The staff at Advanced Expert Systems Ltd have this year chosen to donate to Macmillan cancer relief.

Advanced Expert Systems Ltd encourages its staff to donate to charity instead of purchasing Christmas cards in for each other during the festive period.

Macmillan Cancer Support

Macmillan Cancer Support improves the lives of people affected by cancer. Macmillan Cancer Support provides practical, medical, emotional and financial support and push for better cancer care. Cancer affects us all.

Fundraising and Supporters

Macmillan Cancer Support relies on supporters for 99% of its income. Without you Macmillan Cancer Support couldn’t survive

Interfacing: Labcentre interface available

Clinisys (with assistance from AES Medical) has finished development & testing of the interface between the AES Medical PathoSys® and Clinisys Labcentre systems. We would like to thank Clinisys for their assistance and co-operation throughout this project.


The Clinisys Labcentre system (formerly Masterlab produced by Torex Laboratory Systems Ltd) is a widely used UK Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS). LabCentre is fully scaleable and proven across the full spectrum of laboratories. PathoSys® enhances the functionality of Labcentre by providing electronic cancer dataset reporting as set out by the Royal College of Pathologists.

PathoSys® first system recognised by The Royal College of Pathologists.

Advanced Expert Systems Ltd’s (AES Medical) PathoSys®, has become the first pathology cancer reporting and information management software system to be recognised by the Royal College of Pathologists.

PathoSys® is used in pathology laboratories for cancer reporting and minimum data set information collection.

The RCPath acknowledged that PathoSys® meets the standards set by the College, and have also licensed AES Medical to use the College’s coat of arms, data sets and guidelines within PathoSys®.

AES Medical PathoSys® is a cancer data collection and information management system that is quick and simple for pathologists to use. It generates reports that are laid out in a consistent and easily read format. PathoSys® collects all the minimum data set information in a highly structured way, enabling very detailed searches and comprehensive data export to organisations such as cancer registries and networks.

AES Medical’s Business Manager, said: “The Royal College’s recognition of PathoSys® is a very important acknowledgement of the hard work and expertise we have put into developing this software. We see it as the beginning of a long and successful relationship with the College and a major step towards our goal of improving cancer data collection and information management.”

Early Failure Detection Centre (Canada)

AES Defence operate Early Failure Detection Centre (Canada) in direct support of the British Army fleet of “Challenger 2” main battle tanks and derivatives, “Warrior” light armoured systems and “AS90” field artillery systems.

Beach Recovery Vehicle

Royal Navy/Royal Marines beach recovery vehicle fleet added to the AES Machine Care Plus® service.

AES donates to Cancer Research UK

The staff at Advanced Expert Systems Ltd have this year chosen to donate to Cancer Research UK.

Advanced Expert Systems Ltd encourages its staff to donate to charity instead of purchasing Christmas cards in for each other during the festive period.

Cancer Research UK

Cancer Research UK is the world’s leading independent organisation dedicated to cancer research.

Cancer Research UK supports research into all aspects of cancer through the work of more than 3,000 scientists, doctors and nurses.

Fundraising and Supporters

  • Cancer Research UK is almost entirely funded by donations from the public.
  • The charity has a network of around 650 shops and 1,000 local fundraising groups.
  • Over 30,000 volunteers give their time freely to support Cancer Research UK.

Engineer Tank System

AES Machine Care Plus® service supports British Army engineer tank system prototype (“Titan” and “Trojan”) user trials.

Trojan is a unique complex obstacle-crossing vehicle that can plough through minefields, and dig trenches and defensive ditches. Whilst the Titan bridgelayer can lay a bridge over a 26m gap in two minutes.

Both vehicles are based on automotive components of the Challenger 2 main battle tank (MBT).

AES Medical wins DTI SMART award

AES Medical has been awarded an exceptional SMART (Small Firms Merit Award for Research and Technology) award from the UK Department of Trade and Industry. A restricted number of Smart Awards are given to innovative technologies in order to establish their feasibility in wider applications. These prestigious awards are granted in recognition of new products or processes which involve a significant technological advance.

The award is for the development of an Intelligent Cancer Reporting Universal System. Exceptional Projects involve technology developments which have higher costs. These projects are likely to generate much wider economic benefits and must have strategic importance for a technology or industrial sector.


The product to be known as PathoSys® draws upon the experience gained by AES Medical with the Inflammatory Bowel Disease diagnosis project and will provide comprehensive Pathology Cancer Reporting and Information Management capabilities.

Benefits Achieved

According to Col Mike Bowman, the Integrated Project Team Leader, Tank Systems Support, the AES Machine Care Plus® service provides the British Army with an impressive package of benefits and represents an excellent return on investment.

“We use the condition based asset management service from AES in support of our Challenger 2 and CRARRV* powerpacks and over a period of 30 months we have achieved a cost saving to spend ratio of 2:1. The ratio is artificially low due to initial start-up costs but is predicted to rise to 5:1 over the coming years as initial start-up costs are spread over a longer term”.

“we have achieved a cost saving to spend ratio of 2:1”.

“The use of Machine Care Plus® has also brought significant operational benefits to the user. Because the condition of the powerpack can be determined in advance of catastrophic failure the user can make an informed decision as to when to change the assembly in an operational setting thus increasing availability. The powerpack can also be changed more quickly because the user can carry out that change under optimum conditions”.

“The current programme is working extremely well, is consistent with British Army Reliability Centred Maintenance strategy and is delivering real benefits, both financial and operational”.

* Challenger Armoured Repair and Recovery Vehicle

Achieving More

Military funding is becoming increasingly restricted, and the situation appears to be universal as most military planners face the same challenge: how to satisfy more commitments from fewer resources. In many cases military budgets are being reduced and re-directed towards other vital areas such as healthcare and education, while at the same time the demand for operational deployments are often on the increase.

This is not a new phenomenon. In many countries, military budgets have been cut continuously over time, placing increasing pressure on personnel to adapt to these changing circumstances without having to resign themselves to making major compromises.

The efficient management of everything, from aircraft and warships to helicopters and armoured fighting vehicles, is the territory on which the battle for military effectiveness is being fought. The weapon that is making an impressive impact is Condition Based Asset Management, which combines engineering expertise with cutting edge computer technology to significantly reduce the risk of equipment failure and limit the extent of damage when failure is unavoidable.

The benefits of Condition Based Asset Management are far more than purely financial. The operational benefits are even greater than the financial, as operations can be conducted with added confidence. During peacetime, Condition Based Asset Management can also help to reduce the impact of military equipment upon the environment and improve safety.

The challenge of achieving more from less is creating the demand for Condition Based Asset Management to be implemented on the widest scale within the military field, and the impressive results so far are indicating that this is going to play an increasingly fundamental role in military effectiveness world-wide.