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AES agrees project with Somerset Health Informatics

The AES Medical team has met with the Somerset Cancer Register system team to discuss the linking of PathoSys® and the Somerset Cancer Register System.

The result of this meeting is an agreement in principle that AES Medical will develop (together with the SCR team) an interface that will allow the electronic transfer of data between the two systems.

This will initially be made available to both Yeovil District Hospital NHS Foundation Trust and Taunton and Somerset NHS Foundation Trust.

The SCR System

The Somerset Cancer Register is a single database application developed by Somerset Health Informatics (SHI).

The system has the capability to collect clinical cancer data for each cancer site along the patient pathway.

Resulting in the collection of clinical cancer data across the network being improved and standardised whilst providing a single source for interrogation of information about a patients cancer care.

PathoSys® at Derby – linked to iLab

The pathology reporting system PathoSys® has been in use since November 2006 at the Pathology laboratory at the new Derby City General Hospital. This £334 million hospital has 1159 beds and following the final phase of development is due to be completed in spring 2009.

Together with the Derby Medical School, run in partnership with the University of Nottingham, the new hospital will become one of the largest teaching hospitals in the UK.

PathoSys® has been running live at Derby Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust linked to the iSoft CILMS system.

This is due to be replaced during 2008 with the iSoft iLab laboratory system.

PathoSys® will continue in use after the upgrade linked to iLab. As part of the upgrade process, the interface between the PathoSys® and iLab systems has been installed.

Interface installation

The iLab interface was installed on-site by an iSoft engineer. This was done in co-operation with AES Medical allowing the testing of the interface functionality during the installation.

Building on experience gained by both parties from previous installations this was achieved in a single morning.

St Helens & Knowsley Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust chooses PathoSys®

Formed in 1990 St Helens & Knowsley Hospitals Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust employs over 4,000 staff who provide a full range of acute service and emergency services to the local Communities of St Helens, Knowsley, and parts of Halton and Liverpool.

New Hospitals

The Trust is spread across two main sites. Whiston Hospital provides all acute services and has 724 beds, St Helens Hospital provides elective surgical services’, care of the elderly, with 232 beds plus an out-patient department.

These are both currently undergoing a £338million development over the next three years to provide state of the art, modern healthcare facilities for the local communities.

PathoSys® at St Helens & Knowsley Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

PathoSys® will be interfaced to the iSoft iLab TP (formerly TelePath) system thereby extending the functionality of the iLab TP system to include the Royal College of Pathologists Dataset Reporting.

The PathoSys® reports generated at St Helens will be available across the North Mersey Pathology cluster via the GP Requesting and reporting system.

See PathoSys®

AES will be exhibiting PathoSys® at the ACP Spring meeting held at the University Hospital Of North Durham.

The meeting is being held on Friday the 28th of March under the title ’What is new in Pathology in the North-East’.

Any Pathologists or Laboratory staff attending the conference are invited to drop by our stand and learn more about AES Medical and our products.

Server Upgraded at East Kent

AES Medical has upgraded the East Kent Hospitals NHS Trust PathoSys® server to Windows 2003 R2.

This now brings all PathoSys® servers onto the same platform and provides the Users at East Kent Hospitals NHS Trust with a better user experience with local printing, hi-colour graphics and local file access.

AES Medical would like to thank the East Kent IT team for their assistance and support.

Revised Colorectal Module Nears Completion

The PathoSys® Colorectal module will soon include support for polyp biopsies, polypectomies and local excisions.

This comes from a combination of the Royal College of Pathologists Local Exicision Dataset and the NHS National Bowel Cancer Screening Programme Pathology Reporting pro forma.


The aim of this development is to give our users greater flexibility in the way they use PathoSys and reduce the administration involved in participating in the NHS National Bowel Cancer Screening Programme.

In addition users will gain the usual PathoSys® Enhanced Database Reporting benefits of standardised reporting and the ability to undertake rapid local audit.

Find out more …

For more information about this development contact us via the website.

UKACR Annual General Meeting & Conference 2007

The West Midlands Cancer Intelligence Unit coordinated the United Kingdom Association of Cancer Registries (UKACR) 2007 Annual Conference entitled:”Working Together To Meet Cancer Intelligence Needs”

About the Conference

Held on the 30th and 31st of October the conference venue was the International Convention Centre (ICC), Birmingham. This years conference was well attended with around 200 delegates and invited speakers including Professor Mike Richards, Mrs Julietta Patnick, Chris Carrigan and Dr Rashmi Shukla.

The role of AES Medical

AES Medical has installations of the PathoSys® cancer reporting and information management system in the UK covering approximately 4.2 million inhabitants. PathoSys® provides fast and accurate export of comprehensive pathology cancer data.

In practice this results in a reduced workload for the laboratory exporting the data and increased reliability, quality and accuracy for the recipient (Cancer Registry).

AES Medical works together wherever possible with the cancer registries of our customers and potential customers to facilitate these benefits, both to our customers and the registries.

For further information on PathoSys® and its benefits to laboratories/cancer registries please contact us either by telephone +44 (0) 1332 383 521 or via the website contact form.

New HSD website online!

HSD Händschke Software & Datentechnik GmbH the German partners of AES Medical have a new website. The English version of which will be available online at the end of January 2008. In addition HSD has also updated its marketing literature to reflect improvements to its products and showcase its continuing success in the steriles service market.

About HSD and its products

HSD successfully develops software solutions for technical and sterilisation departments in hospitals. HSD products have been installed worldwide more than 4000 times.

The HSD-ChargenDoc offers you a professional software solution for documentation, traceability, control, reporting and process optimisation throughout the lifecycle of sterile goods in hospitals and clinical practices.

The maintenance and facility management system HSDFM MT/BT-DATA is the efficient software solution for medical engineering, technical equipment and installations and building services.

Cancer Reform Strategy

The Cancer Reform Strategy builds on the progress made since the publication of the NHS Cancer Plan in 2000 and sets a clear direction for cancer services for the next five years. It shows how by 2012 our cancer services can and should become among the best in the world.

The role of AES Medical

The cancer reform strategy states that collecting and using improved information on different aspects of cancer services is central to delivering this strategy.

Some of the most important gaps in data collection are identified as follows:

-Information on histopathology and cytopathology is inadequately recorded;

-For those cancers covered by national clinical audits, returns are being made for only between one third and two thirds of incident cases

PathoSys® through electronic collection of Histopathology Cancer Data at the point of diagnosis provides NHS Trusts with a databased central store, which facilitates real time access for Cancer Services of the Royal College of Pathologists Dataset, NCASP clinical audit data and NHS Screening Programme data.

Pathology Laboratories are now expected to provide the Royal College of Pathologists Dataset information to the Cancer Registries.

PathoSys® has the capability of providing electronic export of all the Royal College of Pathologists dataset items for rapid processing by Cancer Services or the Registry.

1.The Cancer Reform Strategy – Section 8.14
2.The Cancer Reform Strategy – Section 8.17

Interfacing: iLab TP (Telepath) Interface Developed

AES Medical are pleased to announce that the development of the interface between the pathology reporting system PathoSys® and the iSoft iLab TP (Telepath) system is now complete. This will enable AES Medical to provide Telepath users with Cancer Dataset Reporting and Information Management that meets the standards set by the Royal College of Pathologists and NHS Cancer Standards.

A Significant Development

As previously reported this is a significant development, giving approximately 100 additional hospital sites throughout the UK and Ireland the chance to utilise the advanced reporting and data analysis capabilites of PathoSys® .

AES Medical now offers (and has running PathoSys® with) interfaces for all current iSoft Laboratory Information Management Systems .

This important new development is just one of several major achievements and activities made by AES Medical in 2007 including:

  • 24% growth in the number of PathoSys® users.
  • Development and update of several datasets revised by the RCPath , plus improvements based on user feedback.
    Formation of the PathoSys® User Group.
  • 50% growth this year in the number of cancer histopathology reports being produced.
  • We were invited to present at the Royal Society of Medicine, Leeds Information Center, Association of Clinical Pathologists, United Kindom Association of Cancer Registries and the Northern Ireland Cancer MDT Systems Workshop.

To Find Out More …

Please contact the AES Medical team to find out more information.

Seasons greetings to everyone involved in the PathoSys® projects from AES Medical.