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Machine Care Plus® Service supports Foxhound

FOXHOUND, the British Army’s new Lightweight Protected Patrol Vehicle is currently undergoing reliability trials at Millbrook Vehicle Test and Evaluation Centre in Bedfordshire. AES have been utilised by Combat Wheels Group (CWG) to analyse fluid samples and assist in the monitoring of the engine, transmission and hydraulic systems performance

AES Visit Germany based Army Regiments

AES are contracted to provide regular training and liaison visits to British Army Regiments and Units based in Canada, Germany and the UK to ensure users are able to fully benefit from the Machine Care Plus® service. During the trip to Germany a number of Regiments were visited, where equipment crews and maintenance personnel were given training on the oil sampling process and the diagnosis/remedial actions generated by the service.

South Tees Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

The South Tees Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust has gone live with PathoSys®, a pathology reporting system that is linked to the iSoft iLab Information Management System (LIMS). The Trust provides healthcare to a population of 422,000 with Histopathology services at The James Cook University Hospital in Middlesborough and the Friarage Hospital at Northallerton.

AES assists in VCP techniques

AES has been assisting the Director General Logistics Support and Equipment (DGLS&E) Data Recording and Analysis and Corrective Action (DRACAS) team to assess Vehicle Corrosion Prevention techniques. The aim of the assessment was to identify measures that prevent equipment degrading while in storage, which will then reduce the cost of maintaining and re-activating the equipment in the future.

Two personnel from AES Defence visit RAO

Two personnel from AES Defence recently visited the Royal Army of Oman to assist them with their Condition Based Maintenance program. By using AES’s Trend Analysis program, part of the Machine Care Plus® service, a number of potential issues had been identified prior to the visit. Inspections of the vehicles and discussions with the crews and maintainers confirmed the situation and a maintenance plan was suggested to prevent further occurrences. Continued monitoring will be used to assess the effectiveness of the revised maintenance strategy.

HaemoSys® expands to cover EMPath

The HaemoSys® project has expanded to cover EMpath (East Midlands Pathology) which unites the experience and expertise of pathology teams at Nottingham University Hospitals (NUH) and University Hospitals of Leicester (UHL).

HaemoSys®, which is a Haematology Reporting system will provide integrated reporting of Haematological Malignancies throughout the East Midlands region at NUH and UHL and their surrounding secondary care NHS Trusts.

Warthog added to Machine Care Plus® Service

Warthog, the British Army’s All Terrain Protected Mobility vehicle, has been added to the AES Machine Care Plus® Fluid Sampling and Analysis Service. AES have been contracted by Combat Wheels Group (CWG) to analyse oil samples taken from the Caterpillar C7 engine. Warthog gives protection against current and emerging mine strike threats, and is able to operate in a range of environments including the Green Zone and desert areas of Afghanistan.

2011 Round up: AES Medical

AES Medical has enjoyed a successful and busy 2011. We would like to thank all our users, partners, suppliers and associates who have helped make the following highlights possible:

  • 8 new PathoSys® systems live and in use ( map of AES Medical systems ).
  • Several newly developed and live interfaces including interfaces for Winpath and Omnilab.
  • HaemoSys® Integrated Haematology Report System developed and live following a competitive tender process.
  • Redevelopment of the AES Group website.

AES in Canada

Following the success of AES Group Ltd in Alberta, Canada at the British Army Training Unit Suffield (BATUS), AES Canada Ltd now offer our Condition based Monitoring Services throughout Canada.

Our Condition Monitoring Service covers a wide range of equipment such as diesel engines, transmissions and hydraulic systems. Sophisticated analysis of data obtained from fluid samples (oil, fuel and coolant) and a variety of other sources, such as Health and Usage Monitoring Systems (HUMS), provides detailed assessments of assembly/system condition. This enables the early detection of failures thus helping to improve equipment availability and reduce support costs.