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Go Live: HaemoSys® UHL

The HaemoSys® Integrated Haematology Report system has gone live in the Haematological Malignancy Diagnostic Links (HMDL) service based at University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust.

The HMDL service delivers centralized diagnostic pathology services for patients with haematological malignancies (cancers of the bone marrow or lymphatic system, where blood cells are made) across Leicestershire, Northamptonshire and Rutland.

Linked to the iSoft iLab system HaemoSys® will ultimately be used at both Northampton General Hospital NHS Trust and Kettering General Hospital NHS Trust and facilitates compliance with the NICE IOG diagnostic requirements on haematological cancers.

AES Group expands into Canada.

Officially a Canadian entity, Advanced Expert Systems (AES) Canada Ltd has expanded its business from the United Kingdom to Redcliff, Alberta; opening a new location in the Redcliff Technology Enterprise Centre (REDTEC). AES does sophisticated fluid analysis for a complete range of equipment; testing oil, fuel and coolant to provide early failure detection thus improving equipment availability and reducing support costs.

Steve Poke, VP Operations with AES Canada Ltd explained that they began as a UK company doing work primarily with the British Army Training Unit Suffield (BATUS), from there they saw a potential in local commercial markets, which is why they became a Canadian Entity. Southeast Alberta was seen as a prime location based on cost of doing business, proximity to industry as well as support from organizations like the Economic Development Alliance (EDA) of Southeast Alberta.

“The EDA has helped us tremendously, especially with connecting us to REDTEC. REDTEC met our needs financially and was exactly where we wanted to be- with the oil and gas industry, in Redcliff,” said Poke. “Overall, they moved us in the right direction; we got quite a few leads from the EDA, in particular within Cypress County and the City.”

Poke explained that the organization also acted as a marketing arm promoting AES at events such as the Innovation Experience, held in 2010 and focused on highlighting the tech savvy companies in southeast Alberta.

The EDA’s work with AES since 2008, helped them identify opportunities to diversify into other sectors and ensure that there would be a demand for their services.

“In the initial stages we advised them on the requirements and process of becoming a Canadian entity. They also needed to explore financial and incentive opportunities available to tech savvy companies, to which we advised to look to our community partners such asEntreCorp for assistance” said Tracy Heebner, Associate Director for the EDA. “From there the EDA facilitated meetings with companies and potential buyers in the region, mostly in the energy sector including wind developers, to see how strong the demand for their service would be and to show potential future markets. It was important to identify a variety of opportunities to ensure that the company had room for growth.”

The process of becoming a Canadian entity took approximately 18 months. Due to the company’s overall objective in working with the Department of National Defence (DND) across Canada, they chose to become a federal incorporation versus provincial. Currently they are working with potential clients all across Alberta.

AES is located at REDTEC; a centre that helps small service and manufacturing businesses meet their accommodation and facility requirements. They provide adaptable accommodations for individual needs while retaining common areas such as meeting, reception, kitchen and lunchroom areas. It is an environment with peer-to-peer mentoring and support, with an opportunity to build working partnerships and alliances.

Go live: Northumbria Healthcare NHS Trust

Northumbria Healthcare NHS Trust has become the fourth live PathoSys® system that is linked to the iSoft Telepath LIMS and the sixth live NEPath (North East Wide Pathology) network site.

The trust provides services for a population over half a million people across North Tyneside and Northumberland.

Hosted centrally at Newcastle the NEPath PathoSys® system provides a single centralised cellular pathology database covering the pathology and cancer network.

Condition Based Oil Changes Deliver Real Benefits

UK Ministry of Defence (MoD), Defence Equipment & Support (DE&S) Managers have used the Machine Care Plus® early failure detection service from AES to transform the servicing procedure for Combat Tracks Group (CTG) Equipment. They now replace the lubricating oil for engines and transmissions ‘On Condition’ rather than the traditional time or usage based policy.

The optimum time to change the lubricating oil is identified by AES from the comprehensive information provided by the Machine Care Plus® software and a suitable maintenance period scheduled. This reduces the cost of routine servicing as it avoids the need to renew, and dispose of, serviceable oil, saving time, money and effort for the equipment operators.
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Interfacing : PathoSys® to Omnilab interface developed

User Acceptance Testing (UAT) has begun on the Pathology Reporting interface PathoSys®, to the Omnilab system at the North Tees and Hartlepool NHS Foundation Trust.

Developed together with Australian based Integrated Software Solutions (ISS) the interface utilises HL7 messaging for pathology report transfer and is compatible with Omnilab version 9 with additional features enabled in Omnilab version 10.

Go Live: North Tees & Hartlepool NHS Foundation Trust

North Tees & Hartlepool NHS Foundation Trust has become the first live PathoSys® system that is linked to the ISS Omnilab LIMS and the fifth live NEPath (North East Wide Pathology) network site.

The trust provides services for a population of around 365,000 in East Durham, Hartlepool, Stockton on Tees and surrounding areas and part of Sedgefield.

Hosted centrally at Newcastle the NEPath PathoSys® system provides a single centralised cellular pathology database covering the pathology and cancer network.

New AES Group website

The new AES Group website is now live offering simpler navigation and enriched content. AES Medical showcases the wider range of products we now offer and provides a client map showing where these are implemented. AES Defence now has more details about the wide range of Technical Services that we can offer to Military Forces. Foremost among these is the Machine Care Plus® service which enables the early detection of failures thus helping to improve equipment availability and reduce support costs.