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Interfacing: iLab TP (Telepath) Interface Developed

AES Medical are pleased to announce that the development of the interface between the pathology reporting system PathoSys® and the iSoft iLab TP (Telepath) system is now complete. This will enable AES Medical to provide Telepath users with Cancer Dataset Reporting and Information Management that meets the standards set by the Royal College of Pathologists and NHS Cancer Standards.

A Significant Development

As previously reported this is a significant development, giving approximately 100 additional hospital sites throughout the UK and Ireland the chance to utilise the advanced reporting and data analysis capabilites of PathoSys® .

AES Medical now offers (and has running PathoSys® with) interfaces for all current iSoft Laboratory Information Management Systems .

This important new development is just one of several major achievements and activities made by AES Medical in 2007 including:

  • 24% growth in the number of PathoSys® users.
  • Development and update of several datasets revised by the RCPath , plus improvements based on user feedback.
    Formation of the PathoSys® User Group.
  • 50% growth this year in the number of cancer histopathology reports being produced.
  • We were invited to present at the Royal Society of Medicine, Leeds Information Center, Association of Clinical Pathologists, United Kindom Association of Cancer Registries and the Northern Ireland Cancer MDT Systems Workshop.

To Find Out More …

Please contact the AES Medical team to find out more information.

Seasons greetings to everyone involved in the PathoSys® projects from AES Medical.

PathoSys® Usergroup Update.

The PathoSys® usergroup website has undergone its first major revision with support for video tutorials for PathoSys® users.

The video tutorials section aims to provide inspiration and online training to enable PathoSys® users to get the most from the system. The videos can be replayed and paused as required allowing users to learn at their own pace.

The online tutorial is aimed to supplement our one to one support and training services that we provide to all users. Users are able to rate and comment on tutorials and we welcome feedback on this latest addition to our user support package.

Interfacing: PathoSys® interfaced to iLab TP (TelePath)

AES Medical are pleased to announce that following a recent purchase of their pathology reporting system PathoSys®. iSoft in conjunction with AES Medical is developing the Telepath interface. This will enable AES Medical to provide Telepath users with Cancer Dataset Reporting and Information Management that meets the standards set by the Royal College of Pathologists and NHS Cancer Standards.

About iLab TP (TelePath)

i.Laboratory TP (formerly TelePath) is a comprehensive single solution product for laboratories currently installed in approximately 100 hospital sites throughout the UK and Ireland.

A Significant Development

This exciting new development follows on from previous iSoft interfaces and it means that AES Medical provides cancer miniumum dataset reporting for all iSoft LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System) products (past, present and into the future) this together with our other interfaces means that over 54% of the UK LIMS market can now be interfaced to PathoSys®. The PathoSys® system provides the pathology lab with state of the art reporting, searching, export and audit capability, whilst enabling Cancer Services for the first time to comply with all CPA and Peer Review targets in this area.

To Find Out More …

More information can be provided by the AES Medical team via the online contact form.

Cancer Multidisciplinary Clinical Information System (CMCIS) Workshop

AES Medical has been invited to exhibit and present the pathology reporting system PathoSys® at the Cancer Multidisciplinary Clinical Information System (CMCIS) workshop being held at the at the Dunadry Hotel and Country Club. PathoSys® has a key role to play in supporting Cancer Multidisciplinary Team (MDT) meetings by providing rapid and comprehensive access to the best quality histological data available.

Aim of the workshop

The workshop has been set up as an information gathering exercise and to provide clinical teams, information managers and other interested parties with the opportunity to:

  • Review potential IT systems/suppliers for the collection of clinical information for cancer patients.
  • Consider how information systems support the timely clinical decision making on the diagnosis and treatment of patients at cancer multi-disciplinary team meetings and communication with primary care and across secondary care.
  • Review how information systems provide clinical datasets for clinical audit, cancer registry, cancer waiting times monitoring, research and education.
  • To assist in the consideration of how an information systems may influence the redesign of the service for patients and support an effective clinical network across NI.

PathoSys® User Group October 2007

In addition to our PathoSys® online user group website, AES Medical this month in co-operation with Derby Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (who are generously hosting the event) will have its first User Group meeting on the 23rd of October 2007.

Content of the meeting

We hope the meeting will allow our users to positively influence the direction of PathoSys® development.

In addition to discussing user requirements and how AES Medical can implements them, the user group meeting will provide a forum for users to share experiences and best practise in using the PathoSys® system.

Our Medical Director will be providing a presentation/workshop on clinical audit and AES Medical will be showing prototypes for the following cancer modules:

  • Ovarian
  • Lymphoma
  • Penile
  • CNS

The full agenda for the meeting can be found in the downloads section of the User Group website.

If you are interested and wish to know more about the usergroup please contact us via the online contact form

New fleet added to MC+

British Army Warrior (WR) Infantry Fighting Vehicle fleet in Afghanistan added to AES Machine Care Plus service

The Warrior has a top speed 46 miles per hour and is able to keep up with the Challenger 2 tank even over difficult terrain. Over 1000 have been built in various forms

PathoSys® tested with Windows Server 2008

As part of its ongoing program of continuous development, improvement and future proofing AES Medical has tested PathoSys® with Microsoft Windows Server 2008 Beta 3 (codenamed “Longhorn”).

New features for PathoSys® Users

Current indications are that Windows Server 2008, when released, will allow AES Medical to provide several new improvements to the user experience of PathoSys. These will include:

  • A terminal services environment that allows users to run PathoSys® as a remote application in a similar manner to a Citrix deployed application that appears to run on the local desktop.
  • Users can run programs such as PathoSys® from a remote location side-by-side with their local programs.
  • Improved printing which redirects the printer output to the local client and removes the need for drivers to be installed on the server system.
  • Built in server virtualisation allowing virtualisation of multiple operating systems.
  • Terminal Services Web Access permits flexibility of remote application access via Web browsers similar to a published Citrix application.

Microsoft, AES Medical & our improvement programme.

AES Medical is a Microsoft Partner and has also signed up to the Common User Interface (CUI) programme.This is a partnership initiative between Microsoft and NHS Connecting for Health.The project has two main objectives:

  • Helping the NHS to get the most out of its investment in information technology
  • Helping to improve patient safety by creating a common look and feel for NHS systems.

The Digital Laboratory Coming Your Way Bit by Bit.

Association of Clinical Pathologists
East Mercian Branch in association with Nikon UK

The Digital Laboratory Coming Your Way Bit by Bit

Thursday 24th May 2007.

This event was hosted at the Cedar Court Hotel in Wakefield (Just off the M1 J39) a four-star hotel that was established in 1985 and which offers purpose-built facilities for conferences and banqueting. Cedar Court can provide facilities for conferences/meetings for 2
to 500 delegates.

The conference focused on advances in digital pathology including the
following areas:

  • Digital microscopy for EQA and CPD
  • Virtual slides including:
  • Future applications of the technology.
  • Diagnostic accuracy.
  • Use for EQA & CPD.
  • Future potential (including expert systems for diagnosis).
  • Capturing and adjusting digital images
  • Digital dictation,
  • Voice recognition

In addition to exhibiting throughout the day AES Medical presented PathoSys® and its new add-on imaging functionality.

James Doble provided delegates with an overview of the PathoSys® system and how it
provides digital cancer dataset reporting. The presentation included both a short talk on the
export of data for audit, screening and cancer registries plus a rolling demonstration of the
PathoSys® data entry and reporting system.

Colin Swift provided a running commentary for three video demonstrations that highlighted potential applications in the Pathology lab for the PathoSys® imaging add-on.

AES Medical is thankful for this opportunity to present PathoSys® in such a prestigious setting and we would like to take this opportunity to thank the organisers and speakers for a fascinating and superbly organised conference.

Enhanced Imaging Functionality for PathoSys®

AES Medical has begun development of the enhanced optional imaing add-on for PathoSys®. This adds image editing and reporting to the functionality provided by the standard PathoSys® imaging add-on already available.

While histological diagnosis may be influenced by various data, it is ultimately based upon the appearance of the specimens being examined macroscopically and microscopically.

With the new add-on this information can be communicated from cancer pathology reports created by the PathoSys® system.


  • Creation of new images.
  • Editing of macro (taken at cut up) & micro images (captured from scanning of slides & microscopes).
  • Textual annotation of images.
  • Insertion of images into pathology reports*.
    *where this is supported by the host Laboratory Information System (LIMS)

Imaging add-on advantages

  • Immediate availability of macro and micro images related to the case under examination.
  • Image files available to all pathologists and PathoSys® users.
  • The images provide a visual addition to the standard descriptions.
  • MDT meetings are supported by the ability to print a report containing the images associated with the pathology report.

Existing customers and any parties interesting in PathoSys® or anatomical pathology imaging are invited to contact AES Medical for more information.

AES Medical supporting UK Cancer registries.

AES Medical has begun working with one of our main clients to provide a direct export of cancer data to the Trent and North Yorkshire (NYCRIS) Cancer Registries.

How it will work:

Using an exact export criteria, the data is extracted from the PathoSys database and will be sent directly to the Cancer Registries, doing away with the need for the Trusts to manually search and send information and for the Registries to trawl through large numbers of text reports.

Project expectations:

We hope this project will provide AES Medical with the chance to demonstrate the unique advantages available to cancer registries when receiving data from pathology laboratories that have PathoSys® installed:

  • Structured data export, which removes the requirement for manual interpretation of pathology reports or inaccurate text analysis technology.
  • All data fields that make up the Royal College of Pathologists datasets can be selected by the user and then exported in a format and order specified by the user.
  • Potentially costly interfacing to the laboratory system, which often delivers limited data in differing formats, is no longer required.
  • As PathoSys® is laboratory system independent regular exports in a single format defined by the cancer registry can be sent from multiple laboratories with differing laboratory systems.
  • Upgrading and replacing of the laboratory system will not interrupt the regular flow of data to the cancer registry.
  • We are planning in addition to exhibiting PathoSys® to present this project the UKACR in October with the two Cancer Registries.